CAUSE OF ACTION – Is one of the State recognized reasons for divorce. It includes: irreconcilable differences, adultery, extreme cruelty, 18 month separation, etc.

A Complaint for Divorce/Dissolution includes a cause of action and is filed to commence the process.

The spouse/partner will usually file an Answer or Notice of Appearance.

The Court will then schedule a Conference to schedule discovery, Parenting time Mediation (if applicable), an Early Settlement Panel (non-binding arbitration), an Economic Mediation, a Settlement Conference, and ultimately a trial. These steps are built into the process to help facilitate a settlement before trial. If parties are unable to settle during the process, the Court will eventually conduct a trial where a Judge will listen to evidence and make a decision for the parties. It usually takes approximately 1-2 months for the initial conference after filing the divorce complaint, and another 2 months to attend the Early Settlement Panel. It usually takes 10-12 months to reach an initial trial date.


Alimony (Spousal support) – can be rehabilitative, limited duration (set term of years) or permanent alimony.

Child support


Parenting time schedule

Equitable Distribution of Property

Life Insurance

Medical Insurance

Medical Expenses

College Expenses

Work related child care expenses


Extracurricular activities