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Howard I. Masia, Esq. has been practicing family law in the State of New Jersey for over 20 years. His practice includes divorce, dissolution of civil unions, separation, custody, parenting time, alimony, child support, equitable distribution, abuse, domestic violence, post judgment motions, step parent adoptions, name change, pre-nuptial agreements, mediation, arbitration, etc. 

Disadvantages of a Big Firm-

When many paralegals and attorneys work on a file, your file is not getting the attorney's full attention. The attorney cannot possible know everything about your file because other people have worked on it. You are also being double and triple billed for many services. I had a client come to me from a big firm after being billed 30+ hours for a paralegal to prepare her certification for a motion. The client was billed an excessive amount. Moreover, the paralegal recited the client's statements practically verbatim without regard for what was relevant and what was not. The end result was a certification that was so long and contained so many irrelevant facts that I doubted the Judge actually read it.