The Pros and Cons of a Free Website

Getting a free hosting service for your website has always been a difficult choice, as you have to share the same web space with thousands of other users. There are many free hosting services available out there, but are they worth using? If you are not sure about this, then you must read further to find out. Just as when choosing any other type of hosting, you need to check whether or not the company offers reliable servers and can guarantee uptime of the website. Let us first look at the pros and cons of using a free hosting service.

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Every webmaster who wants to establish an online business must look for an affordable and reliable web host. It would be better to opt for a paid web hosting service, as compared to a free one, which might be quite costly in the long run. While it’s true that most people looking for an affordable and dependable host have to resort to free web hosting, it is important to note that this is not a permanent solution.

The main reason why most webmasters go for free hosting is that they don’t want to spend too much money in setting up their website. They do this to save on the cost involved in hiring web designers and SEO professionals. In fact, most free hosting services can’t offer you enough bandwidth to support a website. Bandwidth is obviously important, especially for websites used for e-commerce. However, the problem comes up if you need to increase the size of the website, as the increased bandwidth costs will eat into your monthly bandwidth allowance.

One major disadvantage of free web hosting is the limited control over the site. Most free hosts include limited functions, which may not be useful to you. For example, if you want to use a plugin for your WordPress blog, then it would be impossible to do so if the host doesn’t provide support for it. Similarly, if you want to change the theme of your website, then the change would not be possible unless you speak to the webmaster directly. As a result, your rights to change the look and feel of your site are severely limited.

Another major disadvantage of free hosting is security. Since everything is based on HTML code, it is vulnerable to attack from hackers. Since HTML websites make use of sensitive information (such as your site’s URL), they are often targets of spammers. Moreover, free hosting servers are likely to be underutilized, resulting in slow loading pages.

There are also some inherent limitations in free hosting solutions. When compared with shared hosting, free hosting tends to be slower. Even though they are free, it is not exactly "free". On top of that, free hosting tends to come with more limitations. For instance, you are required to utilize their "mail" service, while you can choose your own mail provider.

While free hosting offers a number of advantages, it also has its disadvantages. If you want to build a website, you can easily do so for free. However, since you would need to learn programming or learn HTML in order to build a decent looking website, you might as well skip free hosting and get yourself a good web host to save on costs. A good web host would allow you to upload multiple files and have the website automatically updates with new changes and/or information. This would eliminate the need to manually add new pages to your website every now and then.

Now that you know what is best for your website, you should weigh your options. If you really want to have a website, go for a paid service, but don’t turn down free services just because they are free. In the end, you would have to choose between better visibility and increased revenue. Make your decision wisely. Remember that your website deserves the best.

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